THB Bury System 8 Base Car Kit

Universal Bluetooth Kit
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Universal Bluetooth Kit

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The Strike iK-1 Bluetooth Car Kit is designed to be simple. It is not distracting and works with little user knowledge and interaction, making driving safer. The custom embedded Bluetooth® switch which is the benchmark in the industry. What does this mean? It means that for a large range of Australian cars we have a Bluetooth solution that becomes part of your car - no more messy wires. The Strike iK-1 Bluetooth Car Kit is designed to integrate perfectly into the vehicle and enhance its appearance, safety and value. Once installed it becomes part of the vehicle as if installed on the production line. 

Voice Clarity & Streaming Music

The system utilizes the latest technology integrated into one processor. This coupled with a microphone that is matched to our system provides uncompromised transfer of voice to Bluetooth®. The synergy of all these parts provides stability and a base from which we have been able to deliver a superior system. The clear harmonic  audio reproduction stems from years of software developments by our acoustic engineers. The combination of factory look buttons and the Bluetooth A2DP Audio Streaming capability makes listening and controlling your music files over Bluetooth an easy, intuitive and enjoyable experience.

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