Hands Free Car Kits

With Bluetooth connection to most mobile phones, why would you risk a $330 fine and loss of 3 demerit points or worse - serious injury? We will come to you and install your new car kit without damaging your car and have you talking safely!

Hands Free Car Kits

At DK Installations QLD, we can supply and install all of your in-car communications requirements including Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits, In-Dash GPS and DVD, reverse camera's and parking sensors without putting any holes in your dash or console.

Servicing all of Brisbane, Gold Coast and all Capital cities we pride ourselves on integrity, reliability and trust, striving to meet the individual needs of all our customer's.

We stock only the highest quality products available,  and have a large range of in car options to suit most requirements and budgets including:

Our latest product, the BURY 9048 Bluetooth Car Kit is designed to be simple. Stream music and have crystal clear voice clarity. This Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit works with all mobile phones including Apple iPhones, Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry and HTC. For a large range of Australian cars, the BURY 9048 Bluetooth Car Kit integrates perfectly into the vehicle's radio . Once installed it becomes part of the vehicle as if installed on the production line - no more messy wires.

At DK Installations QLD, our goal is to exceed our expectations while offering quality products and workmanship. It's more affordable than you think.,

Remember: it is illegal for all drivers to use a hand held phone when driving. The offence will incur a fine of $330 and three demerit points .

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Don' t drive without us! At home or at work, we come to you!



Reverse Parking Sensors

reverse-parking-sensorsDon't reverse without them.

Avoid bumping into that pole or shopping trolley or even a child, with our Smart Park reverse parking sensors. Once the reverse gear is engaged the flush-fitted sensors are automatically activated, and if you get too close, you will hear a loud beeping warning sound

The AXIS brand is a standard reverse parking sensor system, that fits any car and comes with a full 2 year warranty.

Each sensor positioned on the rear of the vehicle sends out ultrasonic signals which detect objects located behind the vehicle. The driver is alerted by an audible warning system that beeps faster as the vehicle approaches the object.

The Smart Park Reverse Parking Sensors are only $349 fully installed and colour coded to match your vehicle.

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Hands Free Car Kits

hands-free-car-kitDon't risk the fine or loss of demerit points. You need a Hands Free Car Kit.

In-Dash Navigation

Don't risk a fine with illegal placement of your GPS

Reverse Cameras


See what's behind you when reversing

Stereo Upgrades


Listen to all of your music, with a iPhone ready stereo

Bad Call

$330 & 3 points! QLD Transport Safety Campaign

$330 & 3 Points!

Press play. If this is you, call us now and save $330 and keep all of your points!

Parking Sensors


Having trouble parking? Then you need parking sensors

Motocycle Products

Now you can talk and listen to music while enjoying your ride